Friday, November 16, 2007

Big Hole

yesterday, meet up with wan ying at taka coffee bean for the concert tickets and jay2u stuff.. while waiting for our turn to pay, we discussed bout the meet-up-session for VIP members at the concert.. they are suggesting in shifting it after the concert.. then there's this guy from china said "ke shi, jie lun hui yuan yi ma?" wahaha.. fans really like to call him jie lun.. the guy thought i'm from china too -.-" he's very funny.. he even bring along his autographed secret notebook (in which he got it cos he volunteered to sing at dragonfly at secret tea party)LOL.. most impressive part is, there will be 11 fans from aus FLY here just for the concert.. wooHoo, 2 more months to go. hope everything turns out fine.. no more surprises please.


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