Friday, November 09, 2007

From Jay to Lee Hom

So my "long weekend" started on wednesday night.. went to vivo with joanne, brian and michael after work.. waited for them around 15 minutes at the bus stop...i'm supposed to be the last one.. had dinner and walked around at vivo after that... headed home at 11+pm..

From Jay to Lee Hom?

wanted to buy a new phone for quite sometime but can't decide which model to buy.. so, me n and my cuz found out that singtel is offering a plan for W910i which includes a pair of leehom(along with huang yida and daniel lee) concert tickets worth $256.. so, i decided to buy that phone.. haha.. get to see lee hom before i can see jay..

headed to bugis yesterday to sign up for the plan.. so "scary".. the first thing you saw when u startup the phone is leehom.. then the default ringtone and everything also related to leehom.. if i'm one of his die-hard fans i would be happy to death.. lol

headed to SIM LIM after that cos my cuz wanted to buy RAM for her laptop.. then accompany michael to buy his working clothes.. haha.. so tired... but we had a great day.. happy happy can go out together..

stayed at home today.took a day off.. tomorrow is saturday :)

* IAP is ending soon...10 more days to go :)

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