Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Yesterday went to set up projectors at meeting room.heard that people from NYP coming to do some sort of presentation, and i wonder if i ever saw those people in NYP? Jason-my boss from marketing, said that i look like selina.. Gosh! i look like everyone :(

After a while, ppl from NYP came. Jason asked me to join them to give them some opinions, so i did.. Then the lecturer, Mr Seeto ask me whether i'm from poly also.. lol.. i told him i'm from NYP-MIT too.

Guess what? it turned out that they are presenting on flash lite games.. i was like omg.. was that the module (WORST module) that i took last sem?

At first, saw some of the games look very familiar cos most of them are "whack-the-mole" style..Then, i saw the penguin.. it's rebecca's project.. then i saw tong yi's game too.. and maybe marcus' too? can't see clearly.. poor eyesight...

The meeting ended around 6pm. mr seeto offer to give me a ride home, cos they taking cab back to school..so nice of them... we talked all the way on the cab.. one of the guys (can't rmb his name) said he saw my game before.. so paiseh.. that was like the worst project in my whole poly life! arghh

--- can get the album today.. finally! :)

Chun speaking in Malay.. although i speak malay also but still.. i think it's funny..lol..

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