Sunday, December 09, 2007

Eventful weekend

meet up with wy at causeway point on friday! yeah, got my concert tix and jay2u tshirt (:

woke up damn late yesterday.. around 1pm.. watch tv at home in the afternoon..
went dinner with ah teh, ah lui, jane and joanne at holland drive..after dinner, headed home and watch golden horse awards..

a few hours later (around 12.20am),we smell something.. we thought it's inside our house.. then realise it's coming from the block behind us..

so we went down n check out what happened..cos we never see this kind of things.. as u know in malaysia we dont stay in flats..

ok, probably you'll find my post and jane's post are similar.. lol..

* smoke coming out..

After that, headed back and continue watch the golden horse award thing.. until around 3am then we went to bed...

woke up at 1+pm today... stayed at home again! finally watched Lust, Caution.. lol.. we watched the wrong one at first.. cos we wanted to watch the uncut version!! steamy.. *wOoHoo liang chao wei is really... ... ... *gasp

--- congrats to our beloved jielun. 「不能說的秘密」got the best movie soundtrack award, best visual effects award, and Taiwan's most outstanding movie of the year award at 金馬..

and he actually sang
溏心風暴主題曲 at his HK concert..

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