Wednesday, December 19, 2007

i love you tomorrow

linked elena and yen yen yesterday.. so surprised when lena tagged me :) reading their blog makes me feel old.. my juniors from sec school and gb are all grown up.. damn

went to bugis after school.. shop for a while and had dinner at sakae sushi...

thanks for dinner.

yvonne and penny are leaving today.. gonna miss them~ mummy, daddy, cousin, bf and everyone else are coming tmr..

so outdated cos didn't check out jay-related stuff for so long... saw this video 留言...

杰倫 說 :

" Hello!各位親愛的歌迷朋友.
不要留一些奇怪的東西噢.不然我會去把它刪掉! "

the way he talk very funny.. haha.. soo cute~

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