Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Day of 2007

hello peeps.. i'm back! blog dead for the past few weeks.. enjoy my christmas holidays as well as KL trip.. spent time with family and bf.. summary of my self-declared holiday..

24 Dec 2007

Half day at school. meet up with jane at ps to buy something. went home for christmas lunch. everyone was there.. it looks more like cny than christmas. haha.. headed to ps again after tht.. took bus from home to ps.. went back to the hotel around 10pm.. spent our christmas eve buying cup noodles, chocolate at mustafa centre.. so funny~ but it feels great being with your loved ones - family and friends.

25 Dec 2007

Christmas Day; can you believe we went to Compass Point on Christmas Day? lol.. cos nowhere to go and Compass Point was quite near.. bf meet up with michael.. after that, we headed to clarke quay.. hang around there.. had dinner at subway - the central.. headed back to Dover to pack our stuff.. going to KL the following day.. then back to the hotel.. played UNO until very late..

26 Dec 2007

Took bus from Golden Mile Tower - Beach Road to KL.. the bus drop off in front of Swiss Inn instead of pudu (fyi.. tht place sux) and we cab to KL plaza.. really love our apartment at kl plaza =) had dinner at Lot 10 after we settled down.. then went to Times Square GSC for late night movie bf, cousins and some friends.. bf and i took monorail from sungei wang there to Times Square although very near cos raining.. watched National Treasure: Book of Secrets ... after the movie which is around 12+am, bf drove us back to kl plaza.. there were 8 of us.. YES... 8 !!!

27 Dec 2007

Genting.. spent the whole afternoon at Genting theme park and got ourselves sunburnt..
lunch at marrybrown.. headed back into the theme park to take photos and then to genting hotel to wait for the bus - van.. had sushi for supper =)

28 Dec 2007

Sungei Wang.. Times Square.. shopping shopping shopping!! yumcha at Coffee Bean at midnight.. played UNO again after that..

29 Dec 2007

One U, The Curve.. Pavillion..

Took monorail from bukit bintang to KL sentral then took bus from there to One U.. shop around 1 U.. managed to buy some stuff =) then to The Curve.. accompany bf shop and he managed to buy many things.. so good.. after that, took shuttle bus from Ikano to Kelana Jaya and took LRT back to KL Sentral and then monorail back to Bukit Bintang.. a long long journey.. and everyone was tired by the time we reached Bukit Bintang.. had dinner at Pavillion.. after some shopping.. we headed back to the apartment..

30 Dec 2007

back to same old singapore =(

* update pics soon

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