Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Weight Issues

saw this on jane's bloggie and decided to try too.. i personally think it's so friggin true.. at least part of it.. don't you think so? haha *puke

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Only when my whole lab was so high and started discussing bout Herbalife this morning that i realize my cousin's aunt and her friend is coming this Friday (they will be staying at our place, our room to be precise). what a coincidence..

That is when we can get our Herbalife - some nutritional weight management product (: i need to remove some fats here n there.. ugh.. according to that BMI thing I'm categorize under "slender-lean" cos my BMI is below 20.. wtf? i'm not! i'm a fat-ass-pig!

I lovee Decembers. There are so many things i want to do! yet i don't think i have enough time.. and money!

  1. I need to get my project working!
  2. Parents, friends and bf coming
  3. housemate's wedding
  4. Christmas
  5. KL trip
  6. New Year

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