Monday, January 21, 2008

Back to labby

Back to same old boring lab! working on my stupid project - still can't get the thing to display :(
Furious! so took some time to blog (excuse!) .. i can't think cos my mind is full of jaychou! even bf complained that i love jaychou more than i love him.. muahaha.. i will get the thing work within this few days.. i swear!! (:

i've link up sweet winnilicious' bloggie.. so in case u can't get enough of jaychou ( i know u're sick of him by now cos i keep on blogging bout him! who cares? i like ah) , u can visit her blog!

oh ya! i think i've replied every single soul who tagged and email me regarding on the flight info and merchandise etc right ? sorry if i missed out anyone..

anymore questions can contact me or just go to www.jay2u.com lah okay?

* my stuff *

* i ordered the pink one initially but changed to this black one :p nice right? *

* * * * * * *

* Before *

* After *

* lightsticks *

.. more to come ...

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