Friday, January 04, 2008

Be@brick and all

Hey Everyone. How y’all doing?

This is my second post of the day – considering I’ve posted earlier on regarding Jay Chou’s Malaysia concert – if you even bother to notice that..

Myself. I’m pretty good. Pretty ecstatic upon getting news of m'sia concert but fuming angry in another sense cos i'm gonna missed the fun sitting at the first few rows ): can't get good seats in SG even we have the money and worse still, i've bought the tickets already! if i go for the best seats ( which are sadly still available.. ) - costs RM398, i'm broke! anyone wanna sponsor? haha.. jk.. damn.. Hopefully with some luck i can still go for the VIP fans session if i happen to go back m'sia again during that time (:

Oh yeah, bf and i saw this SAW Be@rbrick at Action City - One Utama last week.. It cost RM229.80 only!! The reason why i say ONLY is because it's quite worth the money considering it is 280mm tall, glow in the dark and limited production run of only 666. Too bad! Sold Out. If not we will buy it! haha..
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Be@rbrick Saw GITD 400%

This is a limited edition Bearbrick version of the Saw Doll from the movie Saw. This Bearbrick is 400% larger in size than the normal Bearbricks and has a limited production run of only 666.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I know it's not good to compare and the usual me detests those who like to compare but.. I, as a hypocrite myself personally consider the jay figurine set which costs around $22o is really TOO pricey compared to other collections.. arghh.. but seriously, i wanted it so badly! *sobs

* for those who r interested in the concert merchandise or EVEN the full figurine set, PM me asap..

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