Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blog, Jay And I


Daily Digest :

Ah Sa has a high fever of 39.8 while attending the Kung Fu Dunk promotion
(Credits: asianfanatics.net)

Hope she gets well real soon! Looks like our jielun also still not yet recover since c'mas.. poor him... Hope he won't suffered from his back pain-AS (Ankylosing spondylitis) :( heartache having to know he need to swallow heaps of pain killers..

Oh ya, winnie said that some of the readers commented that her blog is overdozed with Jay Chou. My blog too, but fortunately.. MOST of my readers are quite supportive towards me blogging on Jay Chou. Haha, sorry lah.. i think 90% of my January post involves Jay Chou! and Ed from PPP commented that he likes my 'Jay Chou Blog' -_- umm.. thanks..

i shall continue blogging on Jay Chou because :

1. increase my blog traffic ( as u can see from the first chart - week of 20 Jan! )
2. my blog is meant for my personal stuff n interest & jaychou is what im interested in..
3. who'd you be more interested in? JC (Jay Chou) or JC (Jessica Chin) ? oops =x

4 more days to go - 我要回家了 !

Seriously, i don't have CNY mood (keep on thinking tht i missed the chance to meet him ) damn it damn it damn it!

-- i'm having back pains now.. *sobs feel like i'm dying soon!! and i don't feel like doing my project...

enough of crap! BYE~


^ Gillian Chung *sigh.. those ppl have nth better to do! f*cking assholes..



^ READ THIS!! *sobs


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