Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Body #19

went for movies with jane and my cousin (and her classmates) hahaa.. watched Body #19 at The Cathay! umm.. not that scary or maybe cos i watched too many horror movies.. just kinda gross.. had fish and chips for dinner - while watching.. =p

BODY #19

- Randoms -

My fav cup noodle.. kimchi!! *slurp

was supposed to go for jay's concert in KL on 23Feb also. wanted to get the cheapest tix - which is RM98.. dearest carol msg me in friendster yesterday, telling me that RM98 sold out already!! i didn't know, cos bf told his friend to buy for us.. end up really can't get a ticket ): duh.

In SG, i wanted to get the best seats - i failed to do so (cheap tix still available)! In M'sia, i wanted to get the cheapest tix - i failed too (best seats still available)! wtf? those malaysians (as if i'm not!) go n buy all the cheap tickets? wth?

bf suggested maybe we could get the RM168 one instead (so nice of my baby to say so).. but well.. no point.. i think i'll just go for the VIP event bah..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dearest sis - CONNIE LO SET YEN!!

i'll be turning 21 too - in less than 2 months time! i don't want~~ *sobs

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