Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Day at Bugis

went to bugis yesterday to shop! The whole Bugis Junction is invaded by Jay Chou's face.. haha.. KFD everywhere..

Anyway, i end up buying only a top and a pair of shoes.. but my cousin bought a lot of stuff.. then there's this f*cking auntie who took steal one of our shopping bag (consists of a giordano tee and 我很忙 album!) which we left at the fitting room! damn her.. maybe now she's at home listening to 牛仔很忙.. she's not qualified to listen to jay's songs! !@#$%^&

Forget bout that damn auntie! Meet up with Susan to pass her the figurine.. Then my cousin and I continue to shop before meeting up with Jin~

Saw this note they put at sembawang store.. haha.. so funny! anyway, the concert CD/DVD delayed to CNY :(

* KFD Postcards from 8 Days/ i-weekly *

Then, Jin called and said that the person at the customer service counter told her they left 10 Kung Fu Dunk CapitaCards only.. but before that when i go n ask she told me still gt a lot! So i headed to Kinokuniya and meet her and we pay for the KFD photo albums which we ordered.. i think total gt 8 sets or so including 2 sets for both of us.. i bet those people must think we are crazy.. we really very hiong.. LOL.. anyway, after that we quickly rushed to the customer service counter..we purchased more than $200 at bugis junction so we managed to redeem 2 cards~ *wOhoo.. will be collecting it on 1st April.. still gt 2 more months :( so slow.. love Jin a lot!! really have to thank her for everything..

* The Kung Fu Dunk Photo Album *

i wished i could buy the white one though
(which is larger and more jay chou)
.. but that costs $50+, so forget it! *sobs

* 不能说的秘密 Piano Score *

my love.. finally i get my hands on this!
when i go back to Malaysia i can play~ just wait! lol

* 不能说的秘密 Book *

* KFD Hong Bao from Crocodile*

given by Jin.. so sweet of her (:


* Puru Yoghurt Soft Stick Candy *


very very nice! hehee..

* swedish apple cider beer from IKEA *

*thumbs up (:

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