Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It happens again...

went to ntu talk AGAIN just now! Tell me what undergrad course should i choose plz?

OK. Remember the link on Ah Gil's news with edc which i posted yesterday? It's all up in the papers today.. gosh.. and those pics.. I don't wanna post the pics or the links at my blog! ugh.. Ah Gil is always the unlucky one.. This isn't the first time, remember her pics at Malaysia back in 2006? -_- damn it! I bet the one who posted these is a edc HATER rather than a Twins HATER.. visualize edc's dick.. wtf? sick.. edc may be a bit xxx sometimes.. attitude problem.. arrogant.. vulgar.. whatever.. But seriously, i find him charming.. 'nan ren bu huai nv ren bu ai'..

Anyway, can go home soon... shall blog again tonight if i have the time! i've gt some stuff again.. woHooO.. just wait!

-- By this Friday i have to get everything done! except AES and the poster! DIE DIE DIE


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