Monday, January 14, 2008

jay chou - the bigheaded arrogant snob

Jay Chou - The Bigheaded Arrogant Snob!

duhh.. i can't believe some freak called him that!

jay went to South Korea for 'Secret' movie premiere. people get so fucked up when the media compares jay to rain ( they tend to defend jay being he's more talented)..whatever. like i even care! Rain is undeniable one HOT dude cos u know, i lovee korean guys.. especially tall, well-built (not over!), small eyes ones.. *woo.. nahh.. but seriously i only fancy rain's character in full house.. nth more than that.. haha!

It was reported that there were around 1,000 plus fans there. Super Junior was there too. But i personally think the 1000+ fans may be due to the fact that SuJu is there.. haha..* ish.. that girl 'molested' my jay chou..

For the past few days, i received messages. be it friendster, facebook, msn or sms from some of my friends (long lost friends even!), including dear carol, lawrence etc. telling and asking me whether i'll be going to jay chou world tour in KL on feb. i supposed ppl still remember me when they think of jay chou. haha.. all i wanna say is, thru being a jay fan.. i get to know a lot of new friends as well as get into contact with long lost friends! i'm soo glad.. regardless he is an arrogant snob or not.. yay =D

damn! i lovee the short-hair 鄭元暢 * drool * ! can't wait for next episode of TKA.. like what ty said, i wish i have a bf like him (his character in TKA).. if bf saw this, he'll kill me.. =p

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