Wednesday, January 23, 2008

jay chou figurines

Sorry but it's Mr.J again!! (:

Just read winni's blog, she'd post Adeline's fs profile (the one on my previous post!) as well as Crystal's fs (the one i refused to show u guys).. If u really wanna see it then go to http://www.winnilicious.com/ and search for the name Crystal in one of the post...

But if you are jay fan i suggest you don't go and view Crystal's profile! or you will end up broken hearted like me.. :( blahs but u dunno the story behind that if not more envy!! - like me :(

WARNING!! more Jay ahead.. so please leave if you are sick of him...

Finally, i can touch it with my own hands and it's MINE!!

* with the few sets of figurines at the bus stop ard an hour ago! damn heavy loh *

* even the box looks nice *

* it's red! *

* it's mine! *

* can u see that? 0021/5000 sets! wOoo *

* the rotating musical stage *

* the SPECIAL figurine *

- a big thanks to francis!! -

and i'm 'proud' to announce that i'm officially broke!!



if you're interested in getting the figurines.. don't hesitate to contact me k? (:

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