Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jay Chou's fans goes broke on January

Why are Jay Chou's fans all 'broke' in January?

ATTENTION! the following are only the 'cheap' items !!
excluding the items below :

|| - KFD photo album ( colored or black&white version)
- $150 Crocodile promo for the gala premier tix
- KFD CapitaCard
- World Tour Concert CD/DVD
- etc ||


1. Milk Issue 339

2. EPOP!! - $2.20

I weekly - $2.50 ( Issue no. 535-536 )

- you can buy Stephen Chow's edition if u like.. haha...

TEENS annual 2008 - $4.00

東Touch - Issue 660

6. BreadTalk KFD promotion

- Spent $15 at BreadTalk including one of their three special KFD bread,
you will be given a chance to try on the lucky dip.
Can win either "hong bao", notebook or poker card
Some even got poster and KFD free movie tix

* if you love me then go buy $15 bread and give me the KFD item loh k? haha.. jk bah~

7. Super-sized poster redeemed from today's (30Jan) The Newpaper

* it's more like a painting of jay; not that nice lah but then it's still jay =D limited to 500 *

thanks to sweetie jin for going down to Bugis to redeem it today~

8. ... etc etc.. lazy to continue.. lazy upload pics for the all items above!


go to www.winnilicious.com if u wanna see how KFD Bugis is now~
can't believe our jay is going to be there this sunday..
haha.. don't u think that place is too small for him? :P

--- Not only jay chou busy, being a jay chou fan is also very busy!

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