Wednesday, January 09, 2008

LA world tour review

One of my hometown buddies get on my nerves. arghh.. there's a possibility he will be coming to sg next weekend (tbc)

First of all...

some of my friend's comment on Jay Chou World Tour in LA during christmas eve at USC's Galen Center :

1. started half an hour late
2. changed too many outfits, he disappeared backstage too many times
3. felt like it's some marketing prospect for NQMM
4. Voice sounded a little nasally - what??he's sick? poor thing :(
5. The concert was shorter than she expected

but overall, she totally enjoyed it. and the most important comment is --> It was totally worth all the money spent on it!

one funny thing she mentioned is, during the concert the other three members of NQMM looked a little lost when lara started talking, because she was speaking in English.. haha.. i bet lara must have been very happy to spend c'mas eve with her bandmates and jay there cos LA is like her hometown or something..

.. and CLOWNS went on stage when he sang 聽媽媽的話. ewww..clowns are so SCARY :( i hope there's no clowns in sg concert..

watch Bunshinsaba with jane last nite. another horror flick. monday nite we watched Arang.. horror movies no longer scares us.. haha.. cos we've watched tons of those already..

Bunshinsaba 분신사바


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