Tuesday, January 15, 2008

life is so unfair...

why am i posting again? just freaking bored! no assessments today.. i don't how many more days do i have to wait for them to come! it's week 8 already! raining cats and dogs out there.. it spoils my mood *yawnz .. and gary almost made me shed my precious tears.. *sniff

2 more months to our 4th anniversary (140304) ! Yes! 4 years.. can you believe it?

people would be so surprised that Jessica Chin can actually maintain a 4 yrs relationship (3 yrs 'distance') .. i couldn't believe it myself too! people who know me well will understand this.. i bet my new found friends in the recent years won't know the real me judging from my face.. my life is full of SCANDALS! argh.. i'll explain confess some other time!

people tend to ask me the same f*cking questions!

A: Do you have a bf now?
Me: Yes
A: Oh, still brian ah?
Me: Yaloh :)
A: Really or not oh?

... blahblahblah


thanks to my beloved bf for everything. i know i've not been good..

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