Monday, January 28, 2008

::. The most beautiful is in my memory .::

He's coming again this weekend and i will miss out all the fun.. not only that i missed the precious opportunity to see him but i also missed the outings/gatherings with my jay mates.. it's amazing how we could go crazy together (: miz them a lot...

1. Airport on Feb 3
2. KFD gala premier event
3. VIPs gathering for KFD premier on Feb 4


In KL also hv so many opportunities on Feb 2.. but too bad my hometown nt KL.. argh! why sabah so damn far away?

::. The most beautiful is in my memory .::

Credits : jay2u

* aussie fans *

* s'pore fans *

but how come both of us also nt singaporean?

zs (china) and me (M'sia) -__-

* indo fans *

* s'pore grp pic (including m'sia+aus) *

* m'sia grp pic *

* aussie grp pic *

Come think of it, there's really a lot of opportunities created for us - especially VIPs.. even after failure of the bday party.. we still remain supportive! (: i've no idea why am i suddenly so into this.. nt only bcos of jaychou but bcos the great ppl u meet there - like me.. muahaha.. (: If you are really a j-fanatic i think you should join in the fun! :p

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