Friday, January 25, 2008

Triple J is unstoppable

Thank you for loving jay :) it's back to Ms.J now - ME! hehe..
jane ying! why u wanna touch jay!! cannot!! haha..

Meet up with my darlings at city hall after school and headed to marina sq. decided to go KBOX so off we go! haha.. no dinner for me.. FAT! so our ktv session started around 7+pm til... ...

We sing, we shout and we drink and we took pics, we even played games with other customers at kbox at midnight and and and...

From xiao zhu to jay chou to SHE to whatever to english songs - even oldies like dream dream dream, over the rainbow and blah to malay songs to canto songs.. the best part is they've gt ray's 愛在記憶中找你-my fav! :) and back to jay chou~

Towards the end, it's all jay chou MV watching session.. no more energy!

Watched Xing Qing's MV and remind me of the first time i saw jay on TV.. he went as a special guest at Astro Talent Quest (in m'sia) and he played the piano while the contestants sang xing qing.. i was soo impressed ! then saw the part where he played two piano at the same time!! i was like.. OMG!! and then.. i fell in love with his MUSIC (the reason why i emphasized the word music is bcos, u noe.. he doesn't look tht good in those days.. but now.. gwahh.. he's totally HOT and i love him as much as i love his music!!) :p it's been almost 8 yrs!! i've been a loyal fan.. *blush

Back to kbox, sorry i gt carried away again -.-
we went home before our session ends, ( which is 3am ) cos still gt sch and jane have to work :p
we're damn high!


24 Jan - 25 Jan 2008 @ KBOX Marina Sq

* enjoying my so-called beer *

* cheers baby *

* xD *

* boo *

* can see the two cups next to our drinks?

- we got that from some stupid game we played at 12am -.- *

* jess, jane, joanne.. it's 1.30am! *

* ugly bah :( *

Q: how often can u take a pic like tht outside kbox?
A : Only when there is no one there... haha.. :p

* the empty marina sq *

* it's 1.45am and we still can't stop posing *

* ok we're finally going home! *
i want to watch CJ7 but sorry lah, jay chou comes first.. so i shall watch Kung Fu Dunk first (:

* winnie~ i'm waiting for my Kung Fu Dunk! *boo

btw yesterday was my beloved mummy's bday..


it's been a week but i'm still thinking bout it.. MEMORIES

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