Sunday, February 10, 2008

At the 11th hour...

Somehow i'm out of my mind! it's 7.30pm now.. in another 13 hours i will be at school.. back in the stupid lab.. to face my supervisor.. but guess what? i haven't done my project! i just started on the AES and the report.. but the poster i haven't do.. and my project.. really.. cannot make it.. can't function properly+no design interface+didn't do some of my sup's requirements.. no use of me complaining here! haha.. seriously i think i'm crazy, everyone seems rushing for their project now.. but me.. still got time to blog here.. and watch videos.. damn it damn it damn it! all i can blame is my sch.. other poly ended their sem before cny.. but ours.. -_-" please let me say one more time again.. I'LL BE MORE THAN HAPPY IF I DON'T FAIL MY FYP :p

i wanna go home!! i miz my baby :(

Counting down :

V-day - 4 more days to go!
End of ****ing FYP - 5 more days to go!

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