Friday, February 01, 2008


BIG NEWS! (to me at least)

Now then i calm down and managed to blog bout it!

Okay, to begin.. Please Read the following Promo first..

[ Jay Chou Sizzles Up To The Crocodile ONE ON ONE ]

Meet Jay Chou in person and have your photograph taken with him exclusively with Crocodile.

Simply spend:

- $100 and get a ticket to the Gala Premiere of "KUNG FU DUNK" on Feb 3, 2008 or

- $150 and get a pair of tickets to the Gala Premiere of "KUNG FU DUNK" plus a set of "KUNG FU DUNK" limited edition premiums.

10 lucky customers will get a chance to be invited to an exclusive gathering with Jay Chou and cast of "KUNG FU DUNK".

This will be the "one and only meet the fans session" for his entire movie promotion trip in Singapore.


One of our jay2u VIP member is 1 out of the 10 lucky ones.. OMG! She kena chosen to meet with jay UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL!! i almost faint when i found out that one of our members won!!! (but seriously this is a good news cos.. hehe *grins)

TOO BAD i'm going back to msia tmr and i didn't take part in this...

Imagine.. you ONLY need to spend $150 and get a pair of tickets to the Gala Premiere of KFD plus a set of KFD limited edition premiums.. Even if you didn't win, you'd still get your clothes + Gala Premiere tix + KFD limited items.. *sobs


Oh well.. guess what? i bought the concert DVD just now.. hahas... cannot tahan! =p

** Edison's blog is updated.. but it's only bout the movie.. gosh.. wish he could say something bout those pics..

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