Friday, February 15, 2008

Goodbye NYP !

Last Day in NYP

This will be my last entry in NYP. i will miz this laptop, i've switch from MAC to normal PC to laptop throughout my FYP (: although i've waited this day to come long long time ago.. now i'm starting to miz it.. for sure, i'll miz my poly mates.. and probably school food :p and i'm really really glad that i've finally submited my stupid project.. hahaa.. it just drives me crazy.. without this project FYP would have been much much better...
anyway, din do anything on my last day.. no assessment no nothing.. went to k-lunch at AMK just now with marcus, xiuying and new found friends kaiyi, rain and kianwei... will be going out with the girls later... hoho~

1 more hour to go..

Goodbye NYP !

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