Saturday, February 09, 2008

I had fun during CNY, but i'm so dead now

Hello people! i'm back to s'pore :( NO, i'm not even a bit happy bout it! argh.. i miz the time back home.. had so much fun during cny - my cny lasted for two days only :( and have to do the ****ing project.. can die really... 24 hrs left and haven't touch on my AES, Poster and Report.. and my project never complete also.. heck care i shall just do what i can.. damn it! it's too late and i don't have the mood to do such things during the 'festive season'.. stupid school!!! i'll be more than happy if i didn't flunk my fyp..

Wanted to watch jay perform on this show on cctv on cny eve.. i almost fall asleep.. keep on switching channels cos the show is around 5 hrs.. managed to watch S.H.E's part.. *yawnz..

I wonder why ppl have to make a big fuss over the lip-synching issue..-_-" every freaking human lip sync in this show..

S.H.E 中国话 (lyrics changed)

wanna go to bed now! wake up then do the stupid project *sobs.. so pathetic have to do these things during cny instead of having fun.. spore.. *sigh.. i miz my baby~ and my parents.. and my friends.. and the food... and everything back at home..

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