Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I saw Jay Chou - Up Close!


After the concert - KL Hilton Hotel Level 6 Function Room

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* 杰伦, 你好 *

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* 杰伦 laughing cos he's too happy to see us.. lol.. jk *

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* signing jay2u banner *

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* no zoom oh these pics =) i was THIS near to jaychou *

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* shuai *

he may not be your average kind of handsome guy.. but he's definately the HOTTEST guy to me :) u can see all of us drooling there.. those were some of the pics and videos managed to take using my camera and hp on tht day.. credits to lina for sharing some of her pics with me.. haha, if anyone want the pics, just get from me lah okay? - although it may not be the best angle! sorry for putting my jay2u ID on the pics :p

up til now it seems so unrealistic, as if i've grabbed these pics from somewhere.. but NO.. i was there.. gosh.. like dreaming.. *faints.. SUPERRR HAPPY~~~~

but i'm so stupid.. the moment i realised i was tht close to jay, i step backwards instead of moving nearer.. -.-" as if i'm scared of jay.. but yah, i was really nervous tht time.. i guess i duno wad am i doing...

- for more pics and videos please visit www.jay2u.com -

go watch the videos there and u can spot my stupid face -.-" so paiseh

didn't post all the pics.. more pics to come.. STAY TUNE!

and i'll blog on my kl trip, the concert and everything soon...=)

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