Sunday, February 10, 2008

A week of wonderful moments

Before Chinese New Year

Saturday, 2 Feb 2008

took 1255pm flight from Johor Bahru to Sandakan (my hometown).. same flight with a few of our hometown ppl.. michael, jacky, ah san and some other familiar faces..

stay home and watch tv at nite..

* Senai Airport *

* despo for chewing gum.. haha *

* Jay Chou - Putera Hiburan Taiwan *

Sunday, 3rd February 2008

went to church early in the morning... saw church ppl, and some long-time-no-see faces.. ppl came back for cny..

after church, went for breakfast..

* yummy rice *

headed home after that.. jane's sis & bro in law, parents come over to my place.. as well as my cousin and aunt.. bf came over also.. hehe..

after tht, we went to 'yumcha' with our long time fren.. cky..

Monday, 4th February 2008

went to mummy's office in the morning, then went for my haircut.. then, jane and i went for satay in late afternoon.. cky was supposed to join us.. but.. he din turn up.. so 3 of us ate 60 cucuk satays.. plus ABC (ice kacang).. haha.. bloated..

* yummy satay! *

* ABC *

at night after dinner, went to town with my parents.. meet up with jane and her family as well as another friend of my parents.. went to harbour square? or harbour view? or harbour front? haha.. i don't know what's the name of that place lah.. haha.. some of the pics already posted in my previous entry.. including the MALL which my friend's family open.. :p

* say hello to jane! wahaha.. and her mum *

headed to jane's place after that.. supposed to go 'yumcha' again but then dun know where to go so we just went over to jane's place instead..

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

went to mile 4 to meet up with the others.. we had lunch with connie jie jie, cky and ah beng(monkey).. cky left early -_-... after lunch.. we headed to connie's shop.. and chat and gossip there.. hehee..

At night, went to jane's sis wedding dinner (again!)... haha.. wonderful food.. as usual.. oh how i love the food at my hometown..

After that, around 10.. jane and i meet up at connie's shop again with connie, mienyi, and ah wai.. mien drove us to indah to 'yumcha' again.. haha.. wanted to go Jesselton Coffee House but no place.. so we went to Chocolate Rain.. no place also so our last choice is Home Recipe..

As usual, my clique talk non stop.. hahas... 3 more missing though..

Wednesday, 6th February 2008

went out with mummy, auntie and my cousin..
stay at home at night.. for reunion dinner (: food is wonderful!

watched tv for the whole night on the eve of CNY..

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