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Jolin talks about relationship with Jay for the first time

Just as my impression on 'her' started to get better today after watching her past MVs, this article came out...

Jolin talks about relationship with Jay for the first time

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Thinking back about her past relationship, jolin says that the biggest lesson she had learnt, was to understand men.

In a recent interview with a Taiwanese magazine, jolin tsai talks about the breakup 3 years ago, which 'was the biggest wound in her life'.

On Febuary 2005, 'he' and the 'female broadcaster' were rumoured to be together. When jolin asked him for clarification, 'he always told me it wasn't true'. After pictures of him and patty hou behaving like a couple in tokyo surfaced, 'he still told me it wasn't true, and that it was on purpose.' When he initiated a break-up, she was still trying to find ways in which they could continue on like before.

Jolin professed that in a relationship, she never is the 'big woman, always taking care of her boyfriend.' When she's in a relationship, her boyfriend's friends are her friends, his goals are her goals.
'After we broke up, i realised that i actually has so little friends around me. The biggest lesson i've learnt after this relationship, was how to understand men.'

While 'recuperating', she refused to go to the places where the two of them had gone before. The once stong her would break down and cry. She admits that that was the relationship that had cost her the most hurt in her entire life. Was it because 'the other party' wouldn't admit that they had a relationship? She lets out a laugh. 'No way! If that were the reason, i wouldn't have felt so hurt. I never had experienced such a weird relationship in my life.'

Some fortune tellers say that the two of them will reunite. To this, jolin says, 'This is quite funny, it never will happen.'

Regarding the other female party, jolin remembers that they once attended a programme together. Some of her friends warned her, 'Do you think 'he' will like her?' Jolin remembers she said, 'She's very pretty, i think he will.' After all that, the two of them had bumped into each other at work a few times. 'If it had just begun, i think i would have avoided her.'

Jolin also admitted that she once couldn't understand 'him' and 'her'. But after a long time, she let go of everything, but couldn't help sighing, 'To be the last person to know, thats the most scary thing.'

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i feel sad after reading this article.. not because i feel sad for Jolin.. but because after people read this article, there will sure be negative comments on jay..

i.e I feel quite disappointed in jay.. jay completely sucks cos he hurt jolin.. blah blah blah~

wtf? C'mon! not that i wanna defend my idol.. but this is like only one side of the story, so.... no one have the right to judge okay? plus celebs are humans too.. they have their own life..

Even if this is true.. i couldn't say anything.. cos i once did what he did.. *sigh.. i understand how it is.. all i can say is.. there's a reason for everything.. so.. yeah.. let's move on..

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