Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The song entry for Beijing 2008 by Jay Chou and Vincent Fang

Fourth round of Olympic Songfest ends Monday

(BEIJING, March 10) -- Countless numbers of envelopes and parcels exploded into the office for the Campaign to Solicit Songs for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games on Monday. BOCOG has set up an Olympic Songfest, in which submitted songs will vie for a place of honor within Olympic history. With the March 10 deadline of this fourth and final round, songwriters all over the world wanted to get their submissions in before the doors closed. Among the clutter of return addresses, some familiar names stand out: Jay Chow, Lin Xi, Vincent Fang, and Xiao Ke, along with many other well-known musicians, have also joined in the fun.

Famous musicians submit their work

The Jay Chow-Vincent Fang duo has been quite prominent in introducing popular songs to the world. In October of last year, Chow announced that he wanted to be a part of the creation of the Olympic song, attaching great importance to the role he wants to play. The song he composed and submitted for the Olympics, with the help of lyricist Vincent Fang, was the first song he created in 2008, differing in style with his previous songs, with an easily understood melody and simple lyrics. The song arrived at the office at 10 PM the night before, and from initial reactions, seems to be a hit.

Arriving on Monday afternoon was Lin Xi and Xiao Ke's submission for the Olympic Songfest. Their song incited excited reaction from listeners, who believe the lyrics and melody allow people to feel the great power and deep spirit of the Olympics.

Announcement for the final Theme Song used for Beijing 2008 will be made in late April.


无数黑夜 等一轮明月
梦的边陲 风吹不灭 从不感疲惫
东方无愧 第一是谁 让我们追求完美…

* Jay and Vincent's entry *

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