Saturday, April 05, 2008

Card Day..

yesterday, my cuz and i woke up early and meet up with Esther around 8plus at SP.. help her with her enrollment stuff.. had breakfast at SP mcd.. after that went to jurong for her medical checkup.. then i headed to bugis and meet up with keljin for lunch and collect our KFD capita card.. after tht, went to her place to get my kfd and niu zai poster.. hehee.. really have to thank her.. she's really my 'jay keeper'.. headed home after that and waited for susan to pass her the concert merchandise =)

Jay is singing in macau now and i'm blogging stuff related to him.. aww~ wish i can be there.. lucky fans can spend the nite with him.. but i couldn't complain more cos in the past 3 months i've seen him for like a few times? hehee.. i guess i'm a lucky fan too! :p

* finally! my jay2u vip membership card *

* kungfu dunk capita card *

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