Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm turning into a WORM?

recently i started posting videos and pics in my blog.. NOW, i don't know how post a proper entry.. *sigh*..

meet up with my poly friends on Tuesday night to celebrate Amos' Birthday.. had our dinner at Manhattan Fish Market at PS.. after dinner, we loiter around(as usual) while waiting for Eugene.. and then we decided to go for dessert ( Rochor Beancurd ). Yes BEANCURD.. i mean how often u see me eat bean curd? but beancurd is ok for me.. cos it's sweet! haha.. i HATE beans.. i don't drink soya bean, red bean, green bean.. whatever beans.. LOL.. i swear i feel like puking after i drank any of those -.-" and i don't like tofu.. that makes me an anti-bean person..

stayed at home yesterday.. drama drama drama... and today... also the same.. -.-

Anyway, came across this cute interview with jay in JCS..

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Jay Chou: I'll be a father by the time I'm 40

"Music industry young heavenly king" Jay Chou is always very creative and mysterious every time he performs, his new song "A Long Journey" for the Olympics has been well received by everybody. Today we give you an ordinary guy Jay Chou on our star guest room.

Reporter: You have a song called "Listen To Mother's Words", everyone thinks you were an obedient and understanding child since you were young, is that right?

♥ Jay: When I was little I have been rebellious too, due to the fact I came from a single parent family, my mother was very strict on me, to tell you the truth I was really scared of my mother back then, that's why this song "Listen To Mother's Words" came to be.

Reporter: What's the most unforgettable thing when you were young?

♥ Jay: When I was young, everyday I had to practise piano for 3 hours, sometimes just when I need to practise piano, I got and watch TV, then my mother will suddenly become mad, she said if I don't practise, then don't come home, I was quite rebellious back then, so I didn't come home, but when I came home I got hit, after being hit I became obedient, I thought it's better to listen to mother's words, because I think she's doing it for my own good.

Reporter: What do you want to express the most with the Olympic song "A Long Journey"?

♥ Jay: I hope everyone takes notice of ethics, and then care about your own family, in this world, apart from friends and love, the most important thing is family.

Reporter: A majority of your songs have a Chinese style, will you continue to keep this?

♥ Jay: Of course it is down to Vincent Fang to be able to have this kind of scenic meaning, I haven't had a lot of education, Vincent Fang has read a lot, he's got a lot of research into poems, that's why the lyrics he writes have a lot of scenic meaning. Because we wants to teach the youngsters of today, I think there's a lot to write about in lyrics, and I want to maintain it, every album will have songs of this style.

Reporter: What kind of person is Vincent Fang?

♥ Jay: I think he's someone who lives in ancient times, plus he leaves his beard to grow, his look is quite cool, also when everyone sees Vincent Fang they know that he really knows how to write. I like that kind of nostalgia, it's like collecting some antiques, Vincent Fang has even more antiques, he spends all his money on antiques.

Reporter: Between singing and directing, which one is your final target?

♥ Jay: I think my interest is music and directing, in terms of movies I get some joy that I can't get in music, of course the influence of movies is very big. I'm only 29, I've still got time to slowly make movies, just like Ang Lee, he slowly built it up.

Reporter: You are still single now, you are at the age of marriage, how does your mother see this?

♥ Jay: I'm still going to put my efforts into my career first. When I'm 40, I'll be a good father, in the future I'm going to have a few more babies and teach them the cello, the piano, the guitar, many years later I can hold a family concert.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

now he says 40.. -.-" from previous interview he say 35.. haha..

One more thing, I'm glad he switched from Pepsi to Sprite (coca-cola company)... =D cos i didn't like pepsi that much to start with.. haha.. he's going green..

Sprite 雪碧 Ad

Jay Chou 周杰伦 , Wu Min Xia 吴敏霞, Wang Feng 王峰, Chen Rou Lin 陈若琳 and also He Jie 何洁

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