Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chatting with Will Liu after the concert....

... Jay Chou envies his good friend for having a family and love


21 Apr 2008

Translated by: http://www.jaychoustudio.com

Source: Yangtse

Yesterday afternoon, Taiwanese artist Will Liu, who came to Nanjing to be Jay Chou's star guest at his concert, participated in The Amity Foundation charity auction at Shanxi Road even though it was raining. They sold 40 T-shirts signed by Jay Chou, Will Liu, Jacky Wu and other artists and 10 CDs signed by Jay Chou, 20 CDs signed by Will Liu, all the proceeds will be used by the foundation for their charity work. Before the event started, Will Liu brought along his newly wedded wife Vivi Wang to do an interview.

A lot of the Mainland China audience only know Will Liu because he is one of "Jay Chou's buddies", fans started "hating" him when he played the big evil role in "Kung Fu Dunk", to this he laughed: "Me and Jay go back 10 years, back then the director invited me to play his friend in the movie, I rejected it, wouldn't you loathe having to play good friends when both of you are already such good friends privately, afterwards the director called me and asked if I was willing to play a baddie going against Jay? I was very happy. In the future I won't be playing his good friend in movies, but he's always playing the good guys, I can only play the baddie."

In Will Liu's wedding, best man Jay Chou grabbed all the limelight, but Will Liu didn't mind at all, "Everyone thinks he's popular, actually he paid a big price for it, like I'm quite familiar with Jolin Tsai and Patty Hou...when we were filming "Kung Fu Dunk", he talked about his anguish with me, including the complications with his girlfriend. I said you should write a song like this, because being your girlfriend she can't go to award ceremonies with you, and can't have dinner and go shopping...afterwards there was the song "I'm Not Worthy", Will Liu revealed that Jay Chou even envies him, "Sometimes I say to him, I'm not as popular as you, but can you be like me and magnanimously go public with your relationship? Can you enjoy the sweetness I have right now? It's because you are Jay Chou so you can't do it! So at a certain level he envies the fact I have a happy family and someone I love".

After being out for 5 years, Jay Chou's hasn't changed his shy and introvert attitude, until now whenever he has pressure on him he has to talk to his buddy Will Liu, "He's too popular and too busy, he has considerable pressure on him, sometimes me and my wife often get him to read the Bible and chat." Now Jay Chou has become his own boss, Will Liu often helps him share his stress, "After the performance yesterday he pulled us to his room to go online, he wanted me to help him look at finding actors for the new movie. I said we've been too busy recently we haven't seen each other very often, I don't want to come here to be a guest star just for work, can we not talk about work and just have a chat, the result was that we chatted all night, actually what you chatted about, it wasn't much, but we were especially happy."

-- poor jielun...
i think wo bu pei really suits the life he's leading now.. btw, Will and Vivi looks really sweet...


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oh, her name is vivi wang .
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