Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lack up udpates

seldom update recently.. nothing to blog about.. well, yesterday my 表弟 stephen and i went to pick up my 表姐 Joyce who just got back from perth... she drop by SG a few days before going back to our hometown.. cabbed back to clementi from changi airport to put her luggage.. then the 3 of us head off to PS (again).. had our lunch and shop around.. then to clarke quay and then Funan.. after tht, meet with with my 2 other cousins for dinner at vivo.. so tired.. it's like we traveled all the way down the 'purple' line.. -.-

.. and i'm going back to hometown again after graduation.. :p one more month from today i'm back at hometown.. wohoo.. =)

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orange said...

hey jessica!! graduating soon huh?? happy?? excited?? haha. life in adelaide is good. i just finish my 2 weeks mid-term break and will be starting uni tomorrow. 2 assignments to catch up n 1 test coming in 2 weeks time.. haha.. thats about it life here.. can't drop this tru your c-box, i think prob with my browser.. hehe.. have fun and take care =)