Monday, April 14, 2008

They Kiss Again 恶作剧2吻 Episode 19 Preview

Finally 王子 of 棒棒堂 appears in TKA.. hehee..

i thought can watch Super Trio Supreme today.. who knows.. yesterday was the 27th Annual HK Film Awards.. so episode 3 postponed to next week ..

Awards list :


i can't understand why Secret is in the Best Asian Film nomination list together with Lust, Caution.. it's like... -.-" forget it...

Anyway, Episode 5 of FTLY was so-so.. but towards the end it started to get very interesting, when 欣怡 lost 紀宝贝(the dog).. hehe.. gosh.. i want that doggie :p both male leads of FTLY have cute expressions.. and the way Dylan (陳楚河) talk very funny. haha.. especially the part where he say byebye in epi5..

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