Monday, May 05, 2008

千山萬水 most well-accepted

According to China newspapers, Jay's performance during the 100 days countdown for Olympics is most well-accepted among the audiences. It was reported that Jay's solo performance was outstanding.. I guess you've noticed that if you've watched the performance video, you can listen to the crowd cheering and screaming at the background..

I agree that he may not have the best vocals (many of the singers out there are far lot better than him eg. Lee Hom) but I personally feel that his song is quite appropriate for the event.. It's really a well written song.. beautiful melody and awesome lyrics by Vincent Fang.. It almost sounds like a 'victory' song to me, especially the chorus part :p

So.. Please vote if u feel the same... :) The results will be revealed on 8th August 2008 during the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony.. Long way to go.. Currently leading the poll now is Faye Wong...

1. 王菲 16.09% (50016票)
2. 周杰伦 16.01% (49758票)
3. 周笔畅 14.29% (44414票)

VOTE NOW! : http://hd.cctv.com/special/C21243/01/index.shtml

View Results : http://www.cctv.com/vote/see9481.shtml

❥┈ 加油!!

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