Saturday, May 10, 2008

Time for updates!!

Neglected my blog for the past few days :) Maybe i should recap what i did.. what have i done on Monday and Tuesday? can't remember.. shall start from Wednesday then..

070508 Wednesday

went back to NYP to collect the graduation attire.. had lunch with ty and reb.. headed home for shower around 4pm.. meet up with nat at clarke quay to pass me the figurine case for my babies :p Rushed to harbour front to meet with ah teh and the others.. gathering after their exams.. bought our movie tix.. the 6 of us had dinner at dian xiao er before our movie * we ordered our food at 8.45pm.. our movie starts at 9.10pm =.= * rushed to gv for the movie.. jane's FRIEND joined us..

080508 Thursday

Meet up with my cousin, Joanne at dover mrt.. took bus to dhoby ghaut.. decided to catch a movie at cathay.. AGAIN.. After movie, shop around and had our dinner before going home..

090508 Friday

Stayed at home in the morning.. waited for my cousin at home cos he brought food for me from KK.. which is the reason why i was late for my ktv session with my crazy buddies until Lun had to call me up to confirm whether I'm joining the 4pm session.. cos at 4pm I'm still at the bus stop -.- Luckily it only took me 15 mins to reach orchard..

They started singing by the time i got there.. and the 8 of us - i think.. continue singing.. all of us very high.. we totally forgot bout dinner until the others come at 7pm.. hehe.. we ordered pizza while some of them had BK and McD..

After dinner, felt sleepy.. They gave us additional 30mins.. All thx to ochin.. continue our craziness and as usual we'd our photo taking session before heading home. Last but not least.. encore of 阳光宅男.. with all of us jumping around.. i have to say, all of us went nuts.. they even jumped at the platform (small stage).. went home after that. Anyway, last night was really lotsss of fun.. I'm sure everyone agree.. although some very quiet.. looking forward to our next outing.. i might not be here :( *sob sob*..

shall upload some pics soon :)

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