Sunday, June 08, 2008


didn't get to watch 2008 DREAM CONCERT yesterday.. cos Pandora TV failed me.. :p so i had to watch individual clips instead.. It's great to see that the Cassiopeia & E.L.F are so so passionate.. hahas...I got goosebumps from listening to the crowd (red + blue)..

2008 DREAM CONCERT * Super Junior-Happy :: Cooking? Cooking!
( credit: MusicRandoms)

Teukie!! btw, ShinDong's hair is sooo cute.. LoL..
This should be SJH's debut performance~

2008 DREAM CONCERT * DBSK Hero Jaejoong :: Tonight
(credit : gracejj)

one of my all time favourite DBSK song.. Jaejoong can hit the high notes so well..
* heart melts *

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