Sunday, June 08, 2008

25 Days to go...

Friday :: went out with my dearest mienyi.. went for our usual SATAY & ABC at town.. jane baby.. u wan some? haha.. mien yi and i also agree that without u.. we're nt that noisy! we only had 20 satay+bread+abc.. everytime also remind me of the time where we'd 50 satays! hehee.. *yummy!

Saturday :: Public Holiday again! sleep sleep sleep.. steamboat at my place at nite with family and friends.. you see.. eat again.. besides steamboat.. there's pumpkin sago, chocolate cake, apple cake, fruits etc. what else to do in SDK other than eat? :p

Sunday :: sent my grandparents to airport.. they gonna stay at KK for 10days?..went to church.. after church.. eat again.. then sleep.. ^(00)^ later going over next door for dinner.. it's duan wu jie today.. plus my grand-aunt's 90th bday i think.. gathering again.. eat~~~~

** random pic **

* COCA-COLA collection at my home

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