Friday, June 27, 2008

法证先锋 Forensic Heroes II Episode 30 (Last Ep)

法证先锋 Forensic Heroes II Episode 29

法证先锋 Forensic Heroes II Episode 30

Watch both episodes this morning.. The ending kinda vague :p
but overall not bad~ nice drama

♥ love bell and ivan couple (:

* changed my blog song again..
by Joyce Cheng (theme song of Speech of Silence)..
i like her voice


Rachel said...

it was a good epi...intense...but good.......i enjoyed it...i bought both seasons cuz i love it soooo much... i love Csi:Miami and csi:Las Vegas too...after this thing is over,i'll go back to my original scheduale...loving Csi!!!!

Is this how u spell scheduale???

Jessie 哲思 said...

i'm glad u enjoy the show.. hehe :p csi still running?

it should be - schedule :)