Monday, June 30, 2008

Memories ~*

Spain is the champion!

28-June-08 Saturday

breakfast with mummy and jane's mum.. same as last week.. seafood
konlo mee ( i'm going to miz this *sobs*).. walk around and buy some stuff after that..

went out with mien and ah wai around 4pm.. for satay AGAIN! Initially, we ordered 30 satays + 3 plates of bread for the satay + 3 ice kacang... then we eat and talk and talk.. then felt that not enough so we ordered 10 more! ( luckily this time the lady didn't ask us "da bao kah?" lol.. if not sure very paiseh like last time ) Anyway, we did da bao after that -.- so total we paid for 85 satays tht day.. mien was trying to persuade me to da bao also so that we could reach 100! haha.. but i didn't :p most funny part is we gt the wrong amount of money to pay for the satay which 3 of us shared and the additional stuff (excluding the takeaways).. Mien said each of us need to pay $8.. haha.. $32/3 = $8? wrong math.. so paiseh

29-June-08 Sunday

Today is a memorable day... went to church as usual.. at night went over to my cousin's place for dinner.. family gathering... together with our family friend.. a couple from the U.S.. mr and mrs vestrum , they came back to sdk to celebrate their 40th anniversary. They used to be missionaries here long long time ago n gt married here.. Therefore they come back here every 10 yrs to celebrate their anniversary. I remember seeing them 10 yrs ago but tht time, i was only 11 yrs old.. Looking back at the photos we took.. all of us r so young :p

It's a wonderful night and all of us had a great time.. food, wine, singing, piano playing, chit chatting.. Mrs Vestrum actually said that she's very glad to see that all of us can stay together and get along so well..

* our surprise for them.. a cake! (:
Looks more like cny cos two angmoh-s in red along with my cousin's daughter..
she's soo cute.. and she can speak english so well.. hehe *

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