Monday, June 23, 2008


oh yeah ppl, i've updated my link to http://infinitej.zo.sg/
so, in the future if i change my link, zo.sg will still redirect u to my blog (:
thanks Kan.sg for this service.. kandans go get your free zo.sg domain now~

Friday 200608

- pot-luck dinner at my place..
- even Rev James and his wife came to join us (:
- loadsss of yummy food~ *
- fireworks... our view blocked by the trees.. -.-

Saturday 210608
- went out for breakfast
- drama..catch up on forensic heroes 2
- went out with my 2 sis.. mien and ah wai (she's back for hols too)
- eat at "sak zui".. i had no idea how u called tht place in other dialect.. had sotong & kangkung and some other stuff.. *yummy
- we talked and laughed a lot that day.. just like the good old days.. i miz secondary school life.. =/

Sunday 220608
- church - breakfast - drama - Giant - dinner - TV - sleep
- saw this thing outside the shop near Giant.. lolx.. why must put 周杰倫? proves that he's very influential.. haha..

" Today can't exist without yesterday, and there will be no tomorrow without today..."

^^ Love this quote from teukie

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