Sunday, July 06, 2008


haven't done a proper update since i got back..

went for LATE LUNCH at Hog's Breath at Holland V yesterday for jane's post-bday celebration.. that place is kinda cool.. the food is nice too.. the only thing is the bench -.- anyway, great gathering :) shall post the video and some pics that i took yesterday some other time.. haven't upload yet :p haha..

congrats to dearest JAY, Vincent Fang as well as GARY!!

i'm really glad that 不能說的秘密 won in the instrumental music categories.. cos it's really nice! (: and vincent fang's 青花瓷 lyrics is really good.. although i don't really understand all those diff Chinese..

^^ seriously, i really think gary deserve the best male artist award although he can do much better.. but actually i was predicting Khalil Fong.. anyway, congrats to gary! pride of m'sia and most importantly.. SABAH!! hahaha.. my cousin n i shouted last night when a mei and eason announced the winner.. so happy for Gary (: the part where he said he's nt gay is soo funny! LOL

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