Tuesday, July 22, 2008

End of nightmare!

I'm done with all the placement tests :) although i don't think i can pass.. but finally it's over! no need go nus again tomorrow.. so happy! even before sch starts.. i'm sick of that place already.. reb and i can't stop complaining.. we really miz nyp.. especially the food! anyway, there's so many NYP MIT students in our course.. next nus visit is this coming friday.. for the registration! sian -.-

Found a very interesting video today! hehe..watch it!

James Kett - 青花瓷

* this dude is pretty awesome.. considering 青花瓷's lyrics is like WOW! *


Derek said...

Yo! i miss nyp too. For the placement tests, don't worry about that. My friends told me that its ok to fail those tests and they are glad that they failed. Normally, they scored better in taking those modules again like a-maths. They say it's easier to pull up the cap.

New life, new school, all the very best. :)

Jessica said...

hehehee.. is it? yeah.. thanks! =)