Monday, August 04, 2008

2008 MTV Asia Awards...

Favorite Artist of Korea - Super Juni-or

i've watched this video for like the millionth time..

the handsome oppa - siwon's english skills really improved A LOT! if you've watched suju full house few years ago you'll noticed.. before this is chinese with SJM.. and now english.. awesome-ness :p the ELFs must have fainted when he said i love u all.. hahaa

i bet our leader teukie is so proud of suju.. hehee.. he looks so SMART in that outfit!! they performed mirror and a man in love~ too bad there's only 11 of them cos kibummie and hangeng is not there..

aww, so jealous of those who are at Genting that nite T.T..
there were so many great performers..

Favorite Artist of Taiwan - Luo Zhi Xiang

congrats to the HARDWORKING guy too.. xiao zhu!! yeah~~~ his attempt to speak english is really.. cute.. and he actually said i love you in malay ( AKU CINTA PADAMU )..LOL

if that girl win again i will be like xxxx ... :x

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