Tuesday, August 12, 2008

F.I.R World Tour 2008

went to F.I.R's concert last saturday.. last minute decision cos we gt the tix from hendrick :p it's pretty cool since i love some of their songs.. especially from their first album - Lydia and 我们的爱.. so 感动 when everyone sang 我们的爱 together.. cos at the beginning all those fans are so not enthu..-.-" Faye and 阿沁 couple is soo sweet..

Jam Hsiao was the special guest.. he appeared suddenly when F.I.R sang 'We Will Rock You' - which i didn't realize until my cuz told me.. he sang 王子的新衣 & 收藏 after that... he's so cute.. haha.. and i love his vocals




Jam Hsiao - 收藏


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