Monday, September 22, 2008

周杰倫 ::『魔杰座』CAPRICORN

9th October 2008

didn't come online for the past few days.. no time =) so kinda slow.. but.. OMG!! so freaking excited.. can't wait to get the album on my hands.. i wanna get both versions - metal and paper packaging.. it's so damn cool!!

稻香 sounds like a typical jay chou song.. but i love it~ :p oh, and did i mention i like S.H.E's 安静了too.. hehe.. =p their album is coming out tmr...

and not forgeting my beloved oppas' long anticipated 4th korean album gonna release on 26/9... * screamss * can't wait to listen to Junsu oppa's sexy voice.. as well as our jaejoong :p

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