Thursday, September 25, 2008


The words that i want to say to you now,
could be a little embarrassing..
since i usually just joke around with you.
Please try to understand and listen. Honestly i thought,
I didn't deserve to love yet.
When i first met you,
I had no confidence and i had worries.

As time passes, the time we spent together..
I've gotten used to these precious moments
You're always by my side looking at me..
I'll be thankful for your trust and love

Words like i love you and i like you,
Words that i couldn't say and were awkward..
I tried to make it light like a joke.
Did i do wrong?
Your heart hurt right?

As time passes, and the world changes,
it's seems that I've matured very little..
You're protecting me by my side
when i need your love and trust...
you look at me with a trusting gaze that won't change..

I'll begin changing first... I'll begin loving first..

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