Thursday, September 04, 2008

weekEND is here..SOON!!

woHoo... 2 hrs more to friday.. nothing much to look forward to really.. cos i still need to do my work during weekends.. tutorials, assignments, lab.. blahblahblah.. btw, sit-in lab sux big time!! i couldn't get my java program to compile.. *argh.. regret!! forget it... cheolsa FIGHTING!! ^_^

jane baby and i wanted to order for KFC last nite.. but due to the rain in our area, they don't have delivery service.. -.-" so we ordered pizza instead.. we even add on a 6pcs sweet 'n' spicy drumlets .. *slurp*

yipee!! at last someone's subbing WGM.. =) thx for the effort.. i miz that show loAdssss~~~ i can't believe solbi's mom actually called Alex..-OPPA!! LOL..

leader HJ is soo cute and he can jump so high..HJ & Hwangbo's 100th day photoshoot is very nice =) all the couples are so sweet.. especially Crown J and In Young.. they look really good together.. realistic!

Next episode gonna be interesting.. make-believe couples becoming make-believe parents !


Jane said...

hohoh....but ytd also the same but worse...KFC was LATE...

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