Friday, October 17, 2008

17 October 2008

why everyone treat what i said as a joke? i'm not kidding when i say i wanna xxxx xxx... it's a matter of time.. *sigh.. too many things to handle recently -.- Anyway, it's FRIDAY and i'm a happy girl again!! =D

开心 开心 开心 !!

.. still waiting for the TW version... hehee =)

Teukie + EunHyuk on WGM

^^ teukie did that usual *laugh* again when alex opened the door.. muahaha.. ugh, i don't really enjoy watching the new couples in WGM..even though hwanhee is in it =/

p/s : was chatting with clement just now n realized that i've been listening to jay chou for almost 10 yrs.. amazing!!

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Winnilicious said...


I am also happy lor. Waiting for the Taiwan version also.