Monday, October 20, 2008

I need time to breathe...

was supposed to come home during this 3 hrs break to work on my tutorial qns and assignments.. end up falling asleep after i had my lunch.. don't know why.. slept quite early last nite and woke up later than usual cos no english lesson this morning.. but still feel tired..-.- need go for maths tutorial later at 3-4 (waste my time traveling to sch for the stupid 1 hr) cannot skip.. cos I've skipped last week.. =/ freaking sianz.. I'm so sick of my life ( the SCHOOLing part! ).. how horrible that ppl have to CAMP at school even during the weekends to study? =.= i guess i need not say more bout how terrible we're doing.. i need MY life back!! i can't take it anymore.. this is the most regretful decision I've made in my whole f*cking life... thank god for giving me dear-est 伦 to look forward to.. :)

** .. n i did something that makes me feels better yesterday with rebecca =)

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