Thursday, November 06, 2008

Patience : Learning to be Patient

I'm easily irritated. Sometimes, I will invariably let others know it, either by grumbling, complaining and griping accompanied by a face highlighted with the pain of having to suffer. However, sometimes I may not show much agitation on the outside, but inwardly I'm churning with varying degrees of pressure, wishing that people would just get on with it so I can do my thing.

Patient. Please be patient! some soul-searching needs to be done!

...and for the TRILLIONTH time.. I am NOT a 大小姐! =p I wonder why the-only-child needs to be labeled as a 大小姐 by default?

# how come jay chou's initials suddenly become CCL
? *LMAO*

1 comment:

Jane said...

I know how to answer for ur dai xiao jie question...haha..Coz u will get wat u wan and kena manja by the family..wahaha.....